At Familia Organica, we believe in local and natural products of the best quality from all over Europe and we want to bring them to you so that you are closer to them.

Through quality products, we have the power to change the lives and image of the entire planet.

You will not be satisfied with the average. Neither we nor our manufacturers.

We have a clear mission: To be your important ally in the field of local and natural products of the highest quality from all over Europe.

Every day, our goal is to find and offer you the best ecological, bio and zero-waste products in Europe and to offer the best services and experience retail – all in a sustainable way. To achieve this successfully, we focus exclusively on our manufacturers, retailers, companies we trust. Only by connecting and interacting all the links in the chain can we ensure that everyone is better off.

We, at Familia Organica, support:

♥ Manufacturers
Small, local producers who have quality products of transnational quality, but so far only sell them in their area. Our goal is for these manufacturers to have better, develop and improve their products and leave production and sales to us, at Familia Organica.

♥ Retailers
They know their market and their clients best. We want to enable you to provide quality, the benefits of the best B2B services while developing your business. We will help you expand the range, facilitate decision-making, we offer quality service.

♥ Consumers / Individuals
So that consumers receive only the highest quality products from the best local manufacturers in Europe. So that everyone in the EU can buy quality that comes from local corners of the EU. The buyer feels that he is pampered and receives the best of the area.

♥ Enterprises
For companies to pamper their employees and business partners, no matter what occasion they need gift packages for.

♥ Organizations or individuals with a higher goal
Products or projects with an emphasis on nature protection, health, longevity and a sustainable lifestyle.

We are looking for team members who will help us fulfill our vision. If you see that you are better than us in something, we are happy to hear from you 🙂